Obtaining A Master’s Degree in Project Management – Yes or No

Run a Google search for “Masters Degree in Project Management.” What do you see? An exhaustive list of millions of search results for business and management schools around the world.

Now narrow down your search and enter “NEC’s online masters in accounting.” You will still get a hefty list to filter, but not an exact option.

So, finding the right program is a big challenge. Before you go hunting for a time- and investment-worthy project management program, ask yourself:

  • Am I really interested in a career as a project manager?
  • What If I prefer alternative courses, such as MBA or PMP certification?
  • If I decide on Masters in Project Management, what personal requirements should I consider while choosing a program?

According to a credible resource, 43% of American project managers possess only a bachelor’s degree. And, many say general MBA or alternative certificates like PMP are enough.


After browsing through popular forums and articles, we have collected a consensus on whether or not one should consider an MPM degree.

Pros & Cons of Masters in Project Management


Increased Employability

Whether you pursue a project management degree online or do it from a reputed local school, this qualification will stand out on your CV. It’s obvious that a master’s program curriculum is more advanced than that of a bachelor degree program.

When employers notice MPM on your resume, they judge you to be more skillful and suitable for the position. A master’s degree in this field is certainly sought after by the most reputed firms and sticks out better than an MBA.

More Informed Execution

A master’s degree, like the mature stage of a bachelor program, helps you comprehend things with more clarity. Some experts clearly disagree that MBA and MPM are essentially similar.

Advanced learning never hurts! So, go for master’s without a second thought. Though it may not get you the next job, it should help you execute your current  job role better.


Experience Counts More

Though the theory is important, professionalism comes through application and improvement. Most mid-level companies consider experience over qualification.

But if we talk about top companies looking for proficient project managers, experience combined with an advanced qualification is unmatched.

MBA is more recognized

That’s true! You can choose to be a finance expert, marketing manager, supply chain manager, or an IT manager.

But if you think you’re destined to be a project manager, go for an MPM. MBA doesn’t sound like the best choice here.

Overall, we can say a Master’s in Project Management can be a great career asset, especially when combined with years of experience.