Wow, A TV Commercial Actually Saved Me Money!

I couldn’t believe it. Things like this just don’t happen. What do you ask? Well, I actually saved money by watching a commercial. Yep, you heard it right my fellow money mavens. I saved money after watching a TV commercial and I wasn’t even trying to do it. Before I move on, just note that I don’t have cable. I watch free over-the-air channels with my Mohu Leaf 50. It’s freaking awesome and I wouldn’t change how I do it.  I’m still able to get about 23 channels and that’s enough for me. I’m too busy working, running a business, and enjoying my family.  TV can wait!

How Did TV Save Me Money?

I hate television commercials like the next person. They seem to be ever present with anything you watch. The shows are now only 10 minutes and you get 20 minutes of ads. It’s overwhelming. No wonder why I don’t watch much television anymore!

Well, in one of the few time I actually sit down and watch a show, it was time for the onslaught of advertisements to soak into my brain. I typically try to turn off my brain for a few so the stuff doesn’t saturate into my knowledge base, but one did get in and I’m glad it did.  It was for Cricket Wireless.

[box type=”info” ]I have switched to Republic Wireless, but only myself. I know pay only $20 a month for service. Unfortunately, my wife works in an area that doesn’t have WiFi and the Sprint network has terrible coverage there, so she is still on Cricket Wireless.[/box]

For those of you who don’t know, I have cell service through Cricket. It has been really good since I couldn’t get service from Walmart Family Mobile in my new home. Cricket uses the AT&T network and my connection and service has been really good. No problems to speak of.  My wife and I pay $90 per month, which is $60 below what we were paying with Verizon.

I Save $50 Per Month Using This TV App

I cut my cable nearly five years ago because I was tired of paying for shows I didn’t watch. While I missed TV, I’ve found better solutions like DirecTV NOW. It’s a monthly on-demand streaming service with packages as low as $35. It’s saved me nearly $50 per month because I can watch when I want. The best part is I can cancel at any time!

I got Cricket Wireless right after AT&T bought them and merged their Aio Wireless service under the Cricket name. I wanted to try Aio Wireless, since it was on the AT&T network, but then I figured I would wait until the merger was complete. When I signed up, they only had a few plans. It was $50 per month for an unlimited talk, text, and data plan. You did only get 2GB of high-speed, 4G LTE, data at the time. That’s fine with me since I don’t use much. If you add a second line, you can take $10 off per month, so that’s how our bill was $90.

Anyway, I was watching the commercial and noticed that Cricket was promoting some new plans, starting at less than what we were paying. It was also with a little more data (2.5GB), so I was intrigued. Normally, I would shrug off the commercial, but when it comes to a service I use and the possibility of saving money, my ears perk up!

Don’t Tune Out All TV Commercials

After hearing the commercial, I decided to log into my Cricket account and see if I were eligible for the new plans. Low and behold, I was!  I thought I would have to give them a call and then wait on hold to get it done. To my surprise, all I had to do was make a few clicks of my mouse. It was super easy. In less than 10 clicks, I saved $20 per month!  Just like that, I went from $90 to $70 per month and I didn’t have to make any phone calls. That’s what I’m talking about.

Now, we have more data than before, with all the same features, but are paying less than we were before. We did lose international texting, but we never used that anyway. I’m not worried about that issue. If we do need it, we can upgrade our account, since we don’t have any contracts with Cricket.

I learned a valuable lesson in this case my friends. Don’t glaze over with every commercial you see. Yes, 99.98% of all commercials irritate me and push too hard in order to part me from my money. Luckily, I heard the Cricket name and realized there was an opportunity to save money. You might be thinking that $20 isn’t that much, but it’s per month and it took me less than 5 minutes. That’s a win for me.

The key to this entire article is never shy away from savings where you can and you never know where they will come from. Commercials are trying to get you to spend, but this one actually got me to spend less than I was before with the same provider. I wish more commercials were like that, or at least providing better options for your money, like the one from USAA.  For now, I’m happy with the service I’m getting and the price I’m paying. I’m even happier now that it’s $20 less than before. I will always look for better deals where I can find them and maybe they will come from another TV commercial. You never know!